Career Development: How to Make Effective Decisions

Life often throws us curve balls that we find difficult to handle. The pandemic is one of those. Many professionals are struggling to figure out life, work, and everything else in between. Making effective decisions in the 21st century is one key to success.

How to Make Effective Decisions

Listen to the podcast below to learn how to make decisions effectively.


“In this session of Adulting In My Purpose, we discuss the need for good decision making if you are going to live intentionally and live a life of significance. Adulting with Good Decision provided tips and strategies to consider before making major life decisions.”



Check out her book Empowering the 21st Century Worker

Empowering the 21st century worker by denise fyffe book cover

This book examines the processes and infrastructure in place for employee training and whether positive organizational change is the result. In an economy that has seen more businesses failing in the last several decades than the previous 100 years, it is always a good investment to implement initiatives like on-the-job training. This is an important aspect of fostering positive organizational change. It is also one of the more direct and efficient means of employee empowerment.

Available at all online book retailers and

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