The First Rule on How to Keep Writing

Adopt the Discipline of Writing

As a copywriter, I have to produce anywhere from 50 articles, of 2000 words or more, each month.

That is 100,000 words a month!

This does not include writing for my own blogs, editing my books and upgrading them to newer editions. Sometimes, I feel like I hit a brick wall in my mind when I am tasked with writing especially the technical topics – over and over.

But as a professional, I know the job must be completed.

Writing is not for the faint of heart!

It takes discipline to produce these results – the discipline of writing every day.

But, I did not reach this level overnight. It took many years of executing the discipline of writing.

To become a working writer or a published author, you must develop the discipline of writing, faithfully. So, how do you accomplish this feat? Well, developing the discipline of writing is a straightforward process and yet, for many a difficult thing to do.

To start, you must keep on writing.



Write Every Day

Just as how air is necessary to keep you alive, the act of writing must be done frequently, to help you become a top-notch writer or a prolific author.

Your brain is like a muscle, which must be exercised daily.

The more those muscles are engaged, and put through a regimen to test and expand their limits, the stronger you become. The regimen that you go through will help it to perform the task smoothly and effortlessly when required.

I remember having this feeling of accomplishment, right after I released my first book.

It was so thrilling. It was my dream to become a writer from childhood. Several years before the book’s release, I was constantly writing poetry and had over a thousand of them cataloged.

Coupled with blogging consistently for the last eight years, the consistent practice got me to where I am today.

I write every day, even if it is just a short paragraph on my social media profiles.

So, get going and start with a few hundred words a day and remember, write about what interests you. Your passion will motivate you to keep writing.

In addition, four supporting elements make for great writing. These include:

– Research

– Writing

– Editing

– Re-writing

You will come to understand and appreciate the importance of each, as you read the book How to Keep Writing.

Do You Want to Become A Working Writer?

So, if you decide to become a writer, you need to understand that this is not an easy gig.

Get a copy of the book, How to Keep Writing, and learn practical strategies on how to become an author and a working writer.

What rules help you to keep wriitng and stick to the discipline of writing? Share some of your experiences in the field below.


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